Sunday, March 29, 2009

15-cornered fight in Bukit Selambau

Independent candidates obviously see PKR's poor choice of a greenhorn representative as their opportunity to make a mark on the state's politics

BN TO THE CORE: This BN supporter showed off all his buttons, lapel pins, party vest and other paraphernalia

During the 12th General Election, the opposition candidate, representing Anwar Ibrahim's PKR Saiful Izham Ramli was rejected by the Election Commission due to a technicality.

This novice mistake forced the party to support the independent candidate, former mechanic V. Arumugam without running proper checks on his background.

After Arumugam won, PKR went so far as to nominate this former mechanic as a state Executive Councillor before the hasty election recipe exploded in their face. Arumugam was a bigamist and, worse, he was married to another man's wife.

BUSHED: This PKR supporter grabbed 40 winks under a tree to escape the sweltering heat
In their feeble effort to put up a multi-racial front, Anwar's party decided to field and Indian candidate for the seat during this by-election and named greenhorn, S. Manikumar to run for office.

Manikumar's greenhorn status may fit the party's image well but the constituents were not amused, they felt betrayed by PKR because their candidate is unproven and chosen only because his name was put forth by a known Anwar crony, Datuk Ravi.

Stepped over many experienced and proven local candidates whoare also more mature.

Makkal Sakhti. org, an influential Indian community activist immediately lambasted PKR for their failure tolisten to the locals in selecting their candidate.

They expressed grave concern that such a young party that purports to champion change and people power has forgotten their roots so quickly

PRETTY IN PINK: Puteri Umno ladies walking to the nomination centre

This loud voice of disapproval has struck a chord within the large Indian comunity in Bukit Selambau and proof of their unhapiness with PKR's choice is evident in the number of Indian candidates that are running as independents during this by-election.

The independent candidates are R. Loganathan, Tan Hock Huat, Mohd Radhi Mat Lazim, Mohd Fadzli Wahab, Abdul Rahim Abu, L. Sarala, A. Jayagopal, S. Moganakumar, Khamis Awang, Husaini Yaacob, Venason Michael, Mejar (Rtd) Anuar Abdul Hamid and T. Chandrarajan.

JUNGLE GATHERING: PKR supporters gathered in the nearby woods

This record-breaking number of candidates attracted thousands of supporters at the nomination centres, each of the 13 independents put up a decent show with at least 100 suporters each chanting their slogan and propping up posters and banners.

There was a carnival air otuside the nomination centre as all the candidates supporters were in good spirits and allowed everyoen room to cheer and pose with Press photographers who, was clearly having a hard time trying to get everyone's photographs.

INDEPENDENT SUPPORT: This crowd is waiting for the independent candidates of their choice.

There was a heavy police presence but it was purely cautionary and and everyone was on their best behaviour.

Supporters of Barisan Nasional, PKR and independent candidates were segregated by the police in the interest of public order.
In the picture above we can see the BN candidate, S Ganesan being mobbed by the Media and his supporters.

In this inexplicably sideways photo (yes we have flipped it over but somehow blogspot insists on embarrassing us) is R. Loganathan who had s astrong show of support outside the nomination centre.

L Sarala also had a sizeable crowd waiting for her and there was also a crowd at the operations centre, which is near the nomination centre.

Mejar (Rtd) Anuar Abdul Hamid is also said to have strong local support, which explains his confident smile.

Husaini Yaacob is the other Malay independent candidates that is said to have a strong chance of capturing the hearts of Malay voters who are said to haker for a Malay representative in the state assembly and was disappointed when both PKR and BN named Indian candidates.

Mohd Fadzli Wahab, also known as Tok Misai is also looking to win over disenchanted Malay hearts but his chances are not as good as Anuar and Husaini.
We leave you with a few pictures of supporters showing their passion for the party they back.

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